First Steps: Moving On

You've learned so much in this class but might be wondering "What next?"

Take what you've learned in this class an apply it to any quilting project. Take the Swirls from Lesson 8 and stitch them in an all-over pattern they way we did in Lesson 6. Take the Filigree Feather from Lesson 10 and stitch it on a small project, like the Zippy Pouch from Lesson 5. Stitch Ribbon Candy from Lesson 4, echo it like we did in Lesson 10, and then stitch the Pebbles from Lesson 5 in the background for a great border design!

When you see a new-to-you free-motion quilting design and want to master it, break it down into the parts. Does it have points? Remember to stop in the points and take an extra stitch. Does it repeat at intervals? Mark a grid to stitch the pattern regularly. Is it curves only? Be careful to stop and restart carefully, not pushing or pulling the fabric until the needle is moving.

You've done the work, now enjoy it! Tackle those unfinished quilt tops and take time to play with new designs.