Color Blocks Goes WILD!

a Scrap Quilting Adventure for 2023

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I have a scrap problem and it has taken over my sewing room.
And dining room.
And part of the living room, too!

2023 is the year I deal with my scraps once and for all!

What is a Color Block?

A color block is an 8-inch block made of scrap fabrics. Each month's quilt pattern will start with "Make X Color Blocks." Then we will mix and match and slice and dice them to make a different quilt each month.

When will I see each new pattern?

On the first day of each month, I will load a new quilt pattern into this class. Simply log in and quilt along.

How should I finish my Color Blocks quilt?

Since I am a machine quilting teacher as well as an avid scrap quilter, I'm including machine quilting instructional videos with each pattern. I will show you how to quilt each of these throw-sized quilts on a home sewing machine.

How do I sign up?

Click the "Enroll" button to sign up for this 2023 Scrap Quilting Adventure. Be sure to check the box and allow me to email you with announcements so that you won't miss your monthly pattern.

I'm having trouble logging in. Can you help?

Absolutely! Follow the instructions below and all should be well. If you're still having trouble, contact me.

Your Instructor

Debby Brown
Debby Brown

A seamstress from her youth, Debby transitioned into quilting while expecting her first child. Thirty years and thousands of quilts later, she is an award-winning quilter who has published quilts, patterns, articles and columns in major quilting magazines, and authored 2 books. She teaches at national and international quilting shows, has filmed HQ Sweet Sixteen® instructional DVDs and has taught multiple machine quilting classes on Craftsy.

Since Debby’s relationship with Handi Quilter began a decade ago, she has owned almost every machine produced by Handi Quilter. She currently quilts using the HQ Sweet Sixteen®, the HQ Simply Sixteen®, the HQ Fusion® with Pro-Stitcher® and the entire family of HQ Stitch® machines. Debby is obsessed with the precision of ruler quilting on domestic, sit-down and longarm machines and spices up those lines with whimsical free-motion quilting that appeals to quilters of all skill levels.

When not traveling to spread her fun brand of quilting, Debby creates in her studio in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Debby and her husband enjoy plotting how best to spoil their grandchildren.

Debby’s list of trunk shows and advanced, customized, specialty classes is available at


Facebook: Debby Ritenbaugh Brown/ Debby Brown Quilts


Instagram: @debbybrownquilts

YouTube: debbybrownquilts

Pinterest: debbybrownquilt

Twitter: @debbybron

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