Finishing your Tablerunner / Antimacassar

Stitching Pumpkin Seeds with Ribbon Candy:

The stitching in this part of the quilt is simply to hold the layers together; it won't be a bold statement. I played around with some free-motion pumpkin seeds and filled them with (my favorite) ribbon candy. For more information on stitching curves and pumpkin seeds, see Quilting Essentials: First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting.

Stitching Pebbles

Important points about pebbles:

  • Pebbles are NOT circles. Pebbles are round... ish.
  • When I stitch around one pebble to get to the next, you can see both lines of my stitches
  • Pebbles take a long time and a lot of thread. Schedule breaks for yourself.

If making an oval runner, bind using bias binding strips.

If making a rectangular runner, bind using straight-cut binding strips.

For more information on binding, see Quilting Essentials: How to Bind a Quilt

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