Forming Filigree Feathers

I love the flexibility of Filigree Feathers! While they look lovely lined up in rows of even swirls, I typically let them run wild and make them any size they want to be.

When I first learned to stitch Filigree Feathers, my biggest challenge was stopping the swirl too soon; I would stitch up and around, reverse, and my feather would look more like a hook. I trained myself to make filled Filigree Feathers by saying "go around again" whenever I was ready to stop the swirl. This helped my Filigree Feathers look more filled-in and robust.

This is a fun feather to stitch. If your feathers touch each other -- great! If your feathers don't touch each other -- still great! If your feathers slightly overlap -- that's great too! No two quilters will quilt them precisely the same way and they will all be lovely!

For longarm quilters:

Mount this project on your frame so that the 32" side is left to right. Since this project is now 22" tall, you'll likely have to stitch across the top of the oval, roll down, stitch back across the bottom of the oval, and then roll to reach the top/middle/bottom background quilting.

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